SHE Leads

"Influence & Impact"

SHE Leads is an exciting initiative connecting women who share a vision for a vibrant economy and a smarter government which is held accountable for spending tax dollars responsibly. 

Sparked by the recognition that many conservative women are actively seeking ways to become involved in politics at the local, state and federal level, SHE Leads is headed by a steering committee of women from across the state who are developing programs to identify, train and support Republican women. 



SHE Leads works to identify candidates for municipal and legislative offices, along with Republican activists who support candidates on the campaign trail through grassroots organizing, event planning and fundraising. 



SHE Leads brings campaign training directly to candidates at GOP Convention, SHE Leads Conferences, and Workshops with a strong focus on networking, personal branding and messaging. 



SHE Leads provides help to candidates with coordinators who assist with campaign questions, sample voter contact messaging, and conference calls. Regular e-newsletters share campaign events. 


A Record of Success

Currently, Republican women hold 15 positions in the Maine State Legislature (11 House, 4 Senate), and many others have been elected to municipal board positions since SHE Leads was first introduced at the 2014 Maine GOP Convention. The initiative has proven to be a sustainable resource for women who are looking for a way to get involved, grow the party, and give back to their community. 



Hon. Ellie Espling of New Gloucester serves as a founding member of SHE Leads and is also Maine's Republican National Committeewoman. 

Previously, she served as a State Representative for House District 65, which includes New Gloucester and part of Poland for eight years in the Maine Legislature. 

She was selected by her peers to serve as the Assistant House Republican Leader in the 127th and 128th Maine Legislature. FMI:


"Influence & Impact" Fall Conference

The Influence & Impact Fall Conference will take place at:

The Holiday Inn by the Bay

Portland, Maine

November 15-16, 2019

We will kick off with a dinner open to all on the 15th with a full day of women's leadership workshops on the 16th.  Cost, agenda and registration info coming soon!


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